The Human League - One Man In My Heart

'One Man In My Heart' was the 2nd single to be lifted from The Human League's seventh gold album 'Octopus'.
The single was different in the fact that it had Susan Sulley on lead vocals and not Philip Oakey, it proved a popular move as the single charted and climbed to #13 on the UK Top 100 Singles Chart giving The Human League another success and another big hit.

'One Man In My Heart' had a very sleek video, created once again by Andy Morahan and it became a regular on MTV as it was put into constant rotation.
The song was multi formatted and remixed once again, and backed with fan favourite, the immense 'Octopus' album track 'These Are The Days'..the single helped maintain the album's sales and pushed both single and album into gold status.

All avaialable on East West Records CDs and digitally via iTunes.

1.One Man In My Heart (Radio Mix)
2.One Man In My Heart (T.O.E.C. Extended)
3.One Man In My Heart (T.O.E.C. Unplugged)
4.One Man In My Heart (T.O.E.C. Nasty Sue Mix)
5.These Are The Days (Sonic Radiation)
6.These Are The Days (Ba Ba Mix)
7.These Are The Days (Overworld Mix)
8.These Are The Days (Man With No Name Vocal)
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