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  • Site Problems

    The Video Vault suffered a major outage yesterday (9 May) and we have all been working round the clock to get the site back online. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused but this could not be foreseen and involved us having to re-build the entire site. We are confident that all areas have now been restored although we are aware of a few image issues and we will continue to understand where these issues are and rectify them. In the meantime thank you for your patience and enjoy The Video Vault.

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  • Site Update

    We have just updated 'The Video Vault' with a host of improvements to both the front & back end of the site.

    New Features

    • Much improved 'online/offline' status detection for users.
    • Improved search suggestion. Uses fewer resources and yields better results.
    • Users can see their submitted videos as 'pending approval'.
    • New function for users that suggests relevant users to follow based on a few factors.
    • New translation for the 'Thai' language.
    • Improved page titles for categories, search results, tags, etc. (suffered from duplicate metas).


    New Video Sources

    Bugs Fixed

    • Duplicate meta title and meta description for listing pages.
    • Duplicate/generic meta title for user profile pages.
    • Search engine crawlers caused videos to appear as 'being watched now' & wasting resources.
    • Misplaced RSS links for article pages.
    • Some issues with the text & links on large displays.
    • Some banners were 'stuck' to layout elements.
    • Other theme fixes and HTML syntax problems.
    We hope you enjoy these improvements and welcome your feedback.

    Keep on suggesting videos to us!

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  • New look for the Video Vault

    Invigra has launched a brand new 'Video Vault' video sharing site.

    Following a successful trial we have now moved all of our links to point at this brand new website. You can also now browse the videovault on your mobile or tablet and view the videos which we feel is a massive improvement on our old site. We are still tweaking this site and making some minor changes so still consider it to be in BETA.

    We were unable to move the database of our old site as this site is so much more advanced we found it wasn't compatible so we have started re-building from scratch. This has given us a great opportunity to clear out videos that were unwatched and to introduce some new videos.

    You can now add videos in to your own favourite list and suggesting a video is now a much simpler process.

    Sign up as a member, suggest some videos and let us know of any bugs you may find.

    Thanks for your support!

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