RARE: SARA - 11 Minute Long Version - Stevie Nicks - Fleetwood Mac

Why does this song haunt my soul? Since 1979 I've listened to it more times than any other soul on this planet yet I hear something new with each new listen. Is it the heartbeat? Is it the longing in her voice? Is it the lyrics? It's as if this song is alive and speaking to me in the voice that has no voice. A soul haunting ode to possibilities and the future mixed with past memories of times gone by and lost loves. The heartbeat I think it what does it. It's beating throughout the song while Stevie emotes such passion and longing for something that will never be. Yet she knows dreams do come true if held onto long enough. "All I ever wanted was to know that you were dreaming......" "When you build your house then call me home....."

Here we have the longest version of Sara I have ever come across. Almost 11 minutes. For the longest time I have heard rumors of the 16 minute version floating around but I have yet to run across it. I think I must have just about every version made and many, many live versions from their shows all over the world. From what I've heard Stevie added many more verses to the song but the suits told her to chop it. The public got the 6 minute version and over the years a few longer but I have never heard this 11 minute version before.

Let's do a test. Can you find the extra verses in this version? Stevie added a few here and there in this one. If you are very familiar with Sara it should be a piece of cake. I have probably listened to Sara more times than anyone on Earth since 1979 yet I had to get out my Sara lyrics and follow along to hear exactly where she inserted the extra verses. They are not all in one spot as I thought they might be.

I made the below post about Sara in another video I came across. This might help explain a bit what this song does to me. It's been that way ever since I heard Sara in 1979.

@Rob Yah, even now when I went to write this and heard the opening chords it did it again. Tear up. There's something to this song that affects me deeply. I knew it the first time I listened to it back in 79 or so. If there was only one song I could bring with me to a desert island this would be the one. I used to listen to it everyday, many times a day back in the late 70's and 80s and envision what I wanted my future to become. Dreams. I lived that future in my mind everyday as if it was reality. Those were tough days for myself. Little money and lots of work. But I kept at it with this song and seeing the future in my mind. The images in my mind of my future were 1,000x more real to me than my actual surroundings were.

I cried myself to sleep at night many times. I'm a guy and not ashamed to admit that. It was a deep burning desire inside myself, it was a dream that longed and ached to come into this physical form world. The ache and pain inside my heart I felt was my dream trying it's best, yearning, to reach me from the other side. The place where dreams live and where they come from before they manifest form here. Then one day, many years later, that dream did come through and enter into this physical form world. Even as I listen now as I type I think back to the early 80s with all the struggles and pain and I realize that just about anything is possible if you envision it within your mind, see it in more detail and clarity than you think possible and hold on to it. Humans were given the gift of creation. Not instant creation like in other dimensions, but over time. If humans had the power of instant creation this world would be chaos. So they were given the ability to create slowly over time. The world is a beautiful place but still too many use creation for negative outcomes. That's why this world can be thought of as a kindergarten for souls. Each soul is learning how to create.

That's what Tesla did. He saw his inventions working inside his mind. He would operate it inside his imagination and it would do exactly what he wanted. He would work on it over and over inside his imagination until it entered this physical world as a reality here. Read the following sentence, really read it and think about it deeply. Every single thing in this physical world right now was at one time only an image in someone's mind. It existed as an image first then it was brought forth. Whether it was a Tesla coil, a cotton gin, a printing press or a human baby. That's why one of my favorite lines is "When you build your house then call me home". Dreams do come true. Stevie knew it. That's why in one of the Sara versions she opens with "I don't wanna be a cleaning lady, I want to be a star."

"Silhouette of a dream treasured by the ones
who hung on to it" Fireflies - FM Live 1980

https://youtu.be/X8tmdrQ7Ri8 Fireflies from FM Live

https://youtu.be/SPhedT6lHzY Rare Firelies Outtake Duet With Lindsey

P.S. The below Sara remix video with the Soul Train dancers has to be the coolest, most upbeat video ever. Whaddaya think??

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